FAQ's - General

How does Recruit A Graduate work? 

RecruitAGraduate is an online recruitment agency where employers and recruiters can hire graduates, interns and apprentices from registered higher education institutions for permanent or contract positions and internships. 

It's the go-to site for jobs for talented graduates and trusty interns in South Africa. 


Graduates sign up for free. Load your CV, and complete your job seeker profile on our candidate portal. Aim to achieve a 100% completion score.

Employers, HR Managers and Recruiters

Load a job specification directly onto our website here >>.  One of our professional recruiters will contact you. If you require bulk recruiting services or a CV service only, chat to us. 

Our services include: 

Permanent Placements 

Contract Placements

Independent Contracts

CV only service 

Retainers available for employers seeking regular graduate placements.

Fee structure can be viewed here.

RecruitAGraduate prides itself in delivering professional service. 


For a private education institution to provide tertiary education, it must be registered with The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

State-owned higher education institutions are included as registered institutions.


An internship is typically a contract position which offers on-the-job-training for graduates who have finished their studies. Its purpose is to provide a graduate with work relevant experience in their field of study. At RecruitAGraduate we only facilitate paid internships. Find out more on our blog. See the Service Seta website.


Your CV will only be presented to a potential employer if you apply for a graduate job on our website. Your CV will be seen by our professional recruiters and they may contact you to ask you to apply for a position if you have not done so.

We have a strong philosophy of protecting your privacy.  See our Privacy Policy for more detail.


Anyone who has graduated within the past five years or is in the process of graduating from a higher education institution is considered a graduate. This includes anyone who needs to complete an internship or apprenticeship to obtain their final qualification. Find internship and apprenticeship jobs on Recruit A Graduate. Sign up via the graduate page


If you have already registered and entered your details on our candidate portal, you can apply for a job following these steps:


Go to our current jobs page, click on the job to open up more detail. 

One the detailed job page, click ‘Apply’. Then on the page requesting personal information, click on the ‘Easy Apply’ button at the top of the page. This will auto populate the personal information section.


See Terms and Conditions.


There are no fees for job-seekers.


RegruitAGraduate advertises jobs for graduates. We offer a full agency recruitment service or a self-service recruiting option. 

Employers can hire a graduate by posting a job on our site. These jobs can include jobs for college and university graduates, jobs for apprentices or jobs for internships in South Africa or globally. We make it easy to hire and recruit graduates by bringing them to you via this graduate centric site. 

You can offer permanent placements, fixed duration contracts, internships and apprenticeships for graduates. The jobs advertised on this site aim to place graduates in job opportunities as a first step in their career. Typically the graduates on this site have completed their studies in the last five years, or are in the process of completing their studies. 


Once you have completed your profile and CV on RecruitAGraduate, you will automatically be informed of relevant job opportunities via email alerts. We will email you new jobs based on your completed profile.

There is no need for you to set up alerts, but you do need to agree to allow us to send you alerts by selecting “Yes” to opt in to job alert communication.


RecruitAGraduate has a CV template which will guide candidates as to the information needed to complete their CV.


The use of incorrect grammar and spelling is unprofessional and immediately creates a negative perception of you to a potential employer. Ensure you ask someone to read your work or use an app such as Grammarly to check your application.


The Department of Labour offers basic guides to key topics within labour legislation. Read on for our summary of Family Responsibility Leave.

What is Family Responsibility Leave?

Workers may take up to 3 days of paid leave a year to attend to certain family responsibilities.

Who does it apply to:

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act applies to all employers and workers, but not members of the:
 - National Defence Force,
 - National Intelligence Agency, or
 - South African Secret Service; or
 - Unpaid volunteers working for charity.

The section of the Act that regulates working hours does not apply to:
 - Workers in senior management
 - Sales staff who travel and regulate their own working hours
 - Workers who work less than 24 hours in a month
 - Workers who earn more than an amount stated in terms of section 6 (3) of the Act
            - Workers engaged in emergency work are excluded from certain provisions.
 - Workers engaged in emergency work are excluded from certain provisions.

Workers Excluded from Family Responsibility Leave:

The provisions for family responsibility leave do not apply to workers who work less than:
 - 4 months for their employer
 - 4 days a week for one employer
 - 24 hours a month, or to
 - leave over and above that provided for by the Act.

The number of Leave Days:

Full-time workers may take 3 days of paid family responsibility leave during each annual leave cycle (12-month periods from the date of employment).
Family responsibility leave expires at the end of the annual cycle.

Reasons for Leave:

You may take family responsibility leave:
 - When your child is born
 - When your child is sick
 - In the event of the death of your
 - Spouse or life partner
 - A parent or adoptive parent
 - Grandparent
 - Child or adopted child
 - Grandchild
 - Sibling


Employers may require reasonable proof of the birth, illness or death for which a worker requests leave.

Source: South African Department of Labour


References should not be colleagues or family unless specifically requested. It must be written by someone supervising you.


Does RecruitAGraduate assist with sourcing youths for YES? 


  •  Companies may recruit youth from any partner they choose. 
  • YES has not endorsed any consultancies to charge fees for registration services of YES. 

What is YES? 

South Africa’s Youth Employment Service aims to create jobs for the youth in line with South Africa’s national development goals. Once a company is registered with the YES platform you can recieve the benefits. Recruit A Graduate assists companies to source youth for the YES program. 

How can my company benefit from YES? 

YES is a business-driven initiative which is a partnership with government and labour, in collectively tackling a national plan to build economic pathways for black youth. YES aims to create one million jobs for youth. In this process, a business can gain one or two levels on their B-BBEE scorecard by hosting a YES youth for a period of 1 year. There is deep value in our tech-driven youth behavioural content to nurture and motivate young people and business throughout the year. This technology assists business and our youth in succeeding in their first work experience. 

    Source : https://www.yes4youth.co.za


    Why does RecruitAGraduate not accept written employment references? 

    Sadly to the number of fraudulent written employment references that get submitted, we no longer accept written references. However, if you get invited to an interview and would like to submit a further written reference, this can be emailed to your recruiter with the contact details of the referee. If the referee can not be contacted, the reference will not be used.


    Click on ‘Candidate Log In’, then ‘Next’. On the sign in page, click on ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the prompts.

    You will receive an activation link to reset your password. Once reset you can log-in and view your candidate portal details as well as apply for jobs.